Monday, January 11, 2010

Back to school

After a splendid three weeks at home in BC I've arrived back in the bowels of Belleville!  I arrived to find my apartment sweltering hot as it's an old house and the heating seems to funnel into my place.  Papers were starting to curl and wood warping and cracking.  I was slightly concerned about my guitar which seems dry but in good spirits.  I now put it in the bathroom while I shower (not in the shower) which was recommended to me to help hydrate the wood.  But that's neither here nor there.

Today was back to school for my second of four semesters of the photojournalism program.  This semester  I will be learning many fascinating things in classes such as:
    Writing for Photojournalists
    Location Lighting
    News Photography
    Multiple Pictures
    Portfolio Development
    Software for Photojournalists
    Global Photojournalism/Ethics
    Multimedia for Photojournalists
    Civic Literacy

Well, now that I look at it it seems like I will be busy.  We'll see how long this blogging resolution lasts.  I think I shall be more successful with the other three.

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  1. You better be successful. You should start blogging about what you eat every day too - like Marshal and Lily do on How I Met your Mother! Feel free to follow my blog to shanny -! I promise to entertain you!