Sunday, March 21, 2010

Back on track...

With the ides of March behind us the weather has shown some kindness with sun and mild temperatures. 

Over the winter months I was driven to run inside on a treadmill in our school gym.  The temperatures in said gym dictate it must have been some kind of kiln in it's previous life as one could break a sweat stretching in this place.  That or the cooking program is seeking some kind of revenge.

But alas, with a taste of spring in the air I've been able to return to my faithful red, rubber, running track in the great outdoors.  Running in circles outside is way more enjoyable than running in place inside while staring at yourself in the mirror in a hot, sweaty mess.

Running for pleasure has been added to a list of broken vows of things I said I'd never do.  In high school I dropped out of P.E. in grade 11 because all we did for the first month was road runs.  I hardly saw the fun in that.  I signed up for a spare instead.  But now it's one of my favourite things...along with raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, obviously.

Other things I said I would NEVER do: go back to school after finishing University, live in Ontario.

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  1. say you;ll never live in Yellowknife... say you'll never live in Yellowknife....:)